Sri Mantra Peeteswari Veda Gurukulam Kumbakonam

Adhyapakar: Brahmasri Gururama Ghanapadigal


(Excerpts from book 'The Great Hindu Tradition' by Sarma Sastrigal)

From the omnipresent Vedas we derive many invaluable directions and guidelines, which are authoritative in nature.

* Behave in such a way that Lord loves you. That is more important than your loving Him (Taittiriya Samhita)
* Don’t be a debtor. (Acchidram, Taittiriya Samhita)
* Be firm as a rock. (Ekagni kandam)
* Treat Brahmanas on par with Devas. (1st kanda; Taittiriya Samhita)
* During the monthly periods of women keep away from them (5th kanda, Taittiriya Samhita)
* Give your wife the right status and treat her with esteem.(Ashtakam, Braahmanam)
* Do not get upset over abuse heaped on you by someone. In fact their abuse indirectly helps you, because in a sense it is absolution of your past karma. You should learn to welcome it (2nd Ashtakam, Braahmanam)
* If you have to receive dana (get a donation), receive it only from a deserving person who has got it by the right means. (1st Ashtakam, Braahmanam)
* Speak only good words. (Aranyaka)
* Do not criticise the food you take. Do not waste food. And cook food in abundant quantities so you will never have to refuse a mendicant. (Bruguvalli Upanishad,Yajur Veda) [the Veda adds “tad vratam” - i.e., make this a firm resolve.]
* Learning is possible only for the awake, the alert and the conscious.
* Diligently follow the path of the ancestors and you shall achieve greatness.
* Do not slacken when performing good deeds.
* To realize God, hear only about Him; think only about Him; and meditate only on Him.

Some precious edicts from the Vedas that give us useful advice on leading the good life:

* Direct your efforts first on acquiring knowledge of the Vedas before seeking any other learning.
* Do not drink. Do not make drunkards your acquaintances.
* Do not waste time looking for reasons to learn the Vedas.
* You do not need any motives for Veda adhyayana. It is your duty, no less.
* Avoid words of negativity.
* Memorize the Vedas and internalize the knowledge.
* Learn Vedas only from a Guru.
* Never allow more than three successive generations in your family to miss the study of the Vedas.
* Learning and teaching Vedas is a form of intense worship.

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