Sri Mantra Peeteswari Veda Gurukulam Kumbakonam

Adhyapakar: Brahmasri Gururama Ghanapadigal

Inviting Contributions

May the holy dust of thy feet be on my head, who study and recite the eternal and
unblemished Vedas, practice austerity, purity in life, faith and restraint of speech, sense
control and concentration to ascertain the true purpose of Vedas.

In Vedas the whole world is reflected like a face in the mirror. Anyone who serves
these Vedic pundits gets his sins washed away and he begets all virtues unsought for.
Sri Krishna (Bhagavatam)

We invite all friends to be part of this holy endeavor and support the maintenance of Sri Mantra Peeteswari Veda Gurukuluam.

Support sought:

Vedas contain the universal wisdom. The present day generation, which is inclined to promote the learning of Arts and Science, will be doing a great injustice to our community and future generations if it fails to act on promoting and protecting the study of the Vedas. The wealth we may accumulate and bequeath to our descendants will in no way compensate the loss it will be causing, if proper support is not given to the study of Vedas. Hence we appeal to everyone who believes in the preservation of our ancient scripts and tradition, to contribute towards this noble cause to their might. It is manifest that chanting of the Vedas protects the Universe, irrespective of caste or creed.

In order for us to run our Vedhashram, we look forward to you as torch bearers of Sanatana Dharma in terms of offering contributions in kind or cash for the fulfillment of the objectives taken up and get Paripurna Anugraha of Veda Maata and Acharyal Kataksham.

Cheques to be drawn in favour of Sri Mantra Peeteswari Veda Gurukulam and forwarded to,
Sri Sarma Sastrigal
Flat No.1, Bakers Apartments
70/40 Thambiah Street
West Mambalam
Chennai 600 033

Bank account details for online transfer:
Name: Sri Mantra Peeteswari Veda Gurukulam
Bank : City Union Bank
Branch: Ashok Nagar branch, Chennai.
Account No. 500101011076680
IFSC Code: CIUB0000130

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