Sri Mantra Peeteswari Veda Gurukulam Kumbakonam

Adhyapakar: Brahmasri Gururama Ghanapadigal

Vedo nityam madhiyatam” , “May you study the Veda daily”, was the parting commandment of Sri Shankara Bhagavadpada Acharya. Sri Mantra Peeteswari Veda Gurukulam headed by Brahma Shri Gururama Ghanapadigal have been envisioned to accomplish this very commandment of the Acharya.

Important Announcement -

Felicitation for our Founder Patron by Kanchi Mutt Acharyas.

Under the able guidance of Sri Brahmasri Gururama Ghanapadigal, Krishna Yajur veda is being taught to students from all over the country in this veda paatasalai to foster Universal welfare and keeping alive our rich cultural heritage in the serene banks of punya nadi Cauvery at Kumbakonam in a traditional Gurukula setup.

Sri Gururama Ghanapadigal hails from Unjalur, Tamilnadu. He is a Veda Vidwan (Salakshana Ghanapadigal) not only having proficiency in Vedas but also Sastras.

News Article

Family Dedicated to Vedas

Veda Class in progress

Students here learn Samhita, Pada, Krama, Jata and Ghanam in this patasala, in that order. Ours is one of the the important centres for vedic learning in South India offering Jata and Ghana patams in Krishna yajur Veda. At present we have around 5 students undertaking vedic studies in our veda patasala premises.

Hence we appeal to everyone who believes in the preservation of our ancient scripts and tradition, to contribute towards this noble cause to their might.

It is manifest that chanting of the Vedas protects the Universe, irrespective of caste or creed.

The wealth we may accumulate and bequeath to our descendants will in no way compensate the loss it will be causing, if proper support is not given to the study of Vedas.

- Sri Sarma Sastrigal

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